Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness May 13th marks National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, making this month a wonderful time to think about whether you and your pet are prepared.

It is important to have a disaster plan in place before disaster strikes. Disastrous events can include hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorism, along with many other situations that may require evacuation or relocation. It is an excellent idea to have a disaster kit prepared that will be ready to grab quickly should it ever be needed. The CDC offers a checklist to ensure your pet’s disaster kit contains all of the necessary items. Your pet should always have identification, such as ID tags or a registered microchip with current contact information. This will help your pet be reunited with you if they get separated.

You should also research evacuation routes and pet-friendly shelters/hotels in advance, so you will know where to go if a disaster requires you to leave your home. It is also recommended to take a carrier or crate with you to keep your pet safely confined. Some pet-friendly shelters actually require pets to be housed in their own personal crate in order to stay.

We always hope to never have to put these tips into action, but it is better to be prepared than not be ready when disaster strikes.