Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your kitty aged seven or older? If so, Fluffy may be approaching—or already in—her golden years. Our feline friends typically age gracefully, so you probably won’t notice drastic changes in your pet as she grows older. However, you may want to tweak your cat care routine a bit, to keep your furball healthy and happy as she ages. Read on for some great senior cat care advice from a Pineville, NC veterinarian.


By the time Fluffy is a senior, she’ll be an expert napper, capable of sleeping up to 20 hours a day. Make sure your drowsy pet has plenty of comfy beds to snuggle up in.


Older cats sometimes have a hard time using litterboxes with high sides. Get your furball a powder room with low walls. If you have multiple floors, keep extras on every level, so Fluffy doesn’t have to use the stairs as much.


Just like people, cats get stiff and sore as they age, and sometimes lose flexibility. Fluffy may have trouble grooming her whole body. Help her out by gently brushing her every few days.


Although Fluffy may not be as frisky as she once was, she’ll still benefit from regular play sessions. Spend a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer or wand toy for your pet to pounce on. This will benefit her both mentally and physically.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may need to come in more often as she ages, so her health can be closely monitored. Between appointments, watch for signs of illness, and contact your vet immediately if you notice something amiss. The sooner an issue is caught and treated, the better!

Kitty Comforts

Always keep your feline pal’s comfort in mind. Sometimes little things can make a big difference. Set out footstools or ottomans to help your furball reach her favorite napping spots, and leave a nightlight on for her after dark. If your kitty stays home by herself while you go to work, leave a radio and light on for her, so she isn’t sitting alone in a dark, quiet house. To keep Fluffy’s little motor going, pay lots of attention to her, and let her snuggle up with you when she wants. Senior cat purrs are truly precious!

Do you have questions about senior cat care? Contact us, your local Pineville, NC pet hospital, anytime!