Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Are you going to be leaving town soon? If so, you may find yourself booking a hotel room for your pooch. Dogs make wonderful pets and companions, but, unfortunately, they can’t go everywhere with us. Sooner or later, you may have to board your furry best friend. In this article, a South Charlotte, NC vet discusses bringing Fido to a doggy hotel.

Pack Carefully

Ask about the kennel’s policies before you pack. Every place is a bit different. Some don’t mind if you bring toys and bedding from home, while others prefer to use their own goods. If you are bringing food and/or medicine for Fido, pack extra, just in case you’re delayed.

Trial Run

Before bringing Fido to a kennel for a long stay, book an overnight visit for him. That way, he’ll already be used to his doggy hotel, which will make the next trip easier on him.

Write Down Instructions

If Fido has any specific care instructions, write these down. Be brief and clear with these instructions, and stick to things that his caretakers need to know. While your dog’s ongoing fight with the vacuum cleaner may be hilarious, avoid the urge to wax poetic about it.

Ask Questions

Kennels all have their own policies and procedures, so it’s important to know what to expect. Will you be contacted for minor questions, or only in case of an emergency? Will Fido’s schedule be vastly different from what he is used to? These are a few examples of things you may want to inquire about.


Make sure that you understand the kennel’s schedules and policies for drop-offs and pickups. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you can’t drop Fido off on the way to the airport!


Don’t be afraid to ask about extras. Many kennels offer different perks and add-ons, such as baths. It’s always great to pick up a fresh, clean dog!


Finding a good kennel can be daunting! Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Keep in mind that any reputable kennel will request proof of your pet’s vaccinations and medical records. If they don’t require this paperwork, go elsewhere. (Note: this won’t apply if you board at your vet’s, as they would have that information already.)

Do you need to board your pet? Contact us, your South Charlotte, NC pet hospital, anytime!