Are your pet’s meds safe?

The FDA recently sent a warning letter to “No More Fleas Please, Inc.”, a company that markets and sells a variety of veterinary products for pets that claim to mitigate, treat and/or prevent diseases in animals, but are unapproved new animal drugs.

They are distributed under the “Queen City Animals” brand name and include the following products:

  • Queen City Animals Praziquantel Tapeworm Dewormer Capsules
  • Queen City Animals Liquid Vanilla Flavored Wormer (Pyrantal Pamoate)
  • Queen City Animals Lufenuron
  • Queen City Animals Nitenpyram Flea Killing Capsules

If you have purchased any of these products, it is our recommendation that you stop administering them until further notice. If you suspect your pet needs treatment of tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms or fleas, or would like to find out, call us and we’ll happy to evaluate your pet.

To read more about this brand and the FDA warning, click here.