Kennel Assistant

Taking care of animals has been Brooke’s biggest passion ever since her earliest memories. She simply can’t imagine spending her days doing anything other than advocating for their health and happiness! As a member of Friendship Animal Hospital’s compassionate and caring kennel team, she’s able to spend time around the pets she loves while helping the community’s animal owners at the same time.

Brooke is originally from Tampa, Florida and secured her first kennel job here in North Carolina at another nearby hospital. She was referred here to Friendship Animal Hospital by a fellow employee, and was happy to join the clinic family a few short days later. She’s a Kennel Assistant with the hospital team, and her favorite parts of the job are spending time with the boarding dogs and helping all furry visitors to the clinic feel comfortable and welcome. Brooke also loves to meet new pet owners on a regular basis!

Away from work, Brooke spends much of her free time doting on her own pets at home. She and her family live with three dogs: Toby, who always has a big goofy smile on his face; alert and protective Boomer; and Jenna, whose favorite pastime is curling up with her owners and watching movies.

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