COVID-19 Notice

Why is Friendship still curbside when other places are opening up?

There are two factors at play here. The Charlotte area, indeed, the entire country is experiencing a staffing shortage that is affecting everyone, including Friendship Animal Hospital. Additionally, the pandemic has hit health care workers, and we are health care workers, very, very hard. We have lost some of our staff and, despite our efforts to bring more team members aboard, it’s been rough.

Our dedicated, caring team has been putting in long hours while we work on filling our staffing gap. An outbreak of illness, whether Covid or even flu, amongst our employees, would jeopardize our ability to serve our furry friends and their families. That’s why we are still wearing masks and doing our check-ins at the curb; we want to continue to be there for you. Please know that it is our goal to reopen as soon as it is possible, and safe, for us to do so.

We know this is hard for you. We know that you want to come into the appointments with your pets. We know that both pet parents and pets can be anxious at the vet. Dr. Panuska does call each pet parent after doing an exam so they have a chance to ask any questions. We are offering a window exam – you do stay outside but Dr. Panuska does his exam in front of a window; you can see your furry darling and talk to the vet. All you need to do is ask for that option. Does anyone get to come into the building for their appointments? Yes, families here for quality of life consultations or humane euthanasia do get to come inside.

Friendship Animal Hospital has always been a small, locally owned business with a team dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our clients and their pets. Our staff continues to strive for excellence and amazing customer service. We aren’t the biggest operation out there, but we are determined to be the best. It is our sincere hope that you will continue to support us as we navigate through this ongoing difficult period. We can only stay strong if we work together. And by working together, we can keep your fur babies and our staff healthy and well. Together, we are Friendship.