In-House Diagnostic Testing

Friendship Animal Hospital Offers In-House Diagnostics Testing

Since pets cannot provide verbal information about their issues, veterinarians are trained to diagnose the health problems in animals with the use of modern diagnostic equipment and testing. Diagnostic tools provide vital results that allow a vet to initiate the correct treatment for the condition. At Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville, NC, we provide in-house diagnostics to ensure fast and accurate care for your pets.

Friendship Animal Hospital Offers In-House Diagnostics Testing

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests, such as blood draws, urine and fecal tests, and tissue samples, can diagnose conditions, monitor diseases, and check how the internal organs are functioning. Fecal tests can detect the presence of internal parasites, such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Cytology tests evaluate tissue taken from an animal that may have abnormal cells because of a disease. These tests are vital in providing the right treatment for you beloved animals.



Just as in human medicine, x-rays are a critical in diagnosing abnormalities in the hard structures of the bones, joints, and spine. In addition, they can also be used to find obstructions in the chest cavity. This diagnostic testing is sometimes used to determine the extent of a cancer that may have metastasized to the bones. Veterinarians most often use this tool to evaluate the extent of bone injuries from accidents.

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Dr. Panuska and the staff at Friendship Animal Hospital are committed to providing quality, affordable veterinary care for their patients in Pineville, NC and surrounding areas. We offer wellness exams and plans, preventative care, surgery, dental care, boarding, and emergency care and referrals. Call Friendship Animal Hospital today at (704) 889-7387 (PETS) to schedule a veterinary care appointment for your furry friends, or to learn more about the diagnostic tools used at our animal hospital that can help keep your pets healthy and active.

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