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Audrey grew up in Baltimore, Maryland with her parents, sister, and the constant company of the family pets. She would frequently bring home stray animals she encountered, and her mother was always willing to help return them to full health and find them loving homes. Audrey knew early on that a career spent caring for pets was the perfect path for her!

Audrey has lived in Charlotte for 27 years. She joined the Friendship Animal Hospital team nearly 15 years ago—she was a client before she was an employee, and volunteered to help in the kennels when the practice moved into its new facility. The rest is history! Audrey has been serving the pets of this area as one of the hospital’s Kennel Technicians ever since.

Away from work, Audrey is an avid traveler and loves to explore the country whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys bowling several nights a week, working in her yard, and relaxing with her own pets at home. Audrey has two dogs—Lulu, the laid-back elder, and the much more trouble-prone Miss C—as well as a trio of cats named Purrcy, Love Bug, and Toby.

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Heather had a variety of pets while growing up in Charlotte; she cared for everything from dogs and guinea pigs to fish and hermit crabs. She never tired of visiting the zoo and poring over her collection of books about different animal species. Heather always knew that a career spent tending to animals was the perfect fit for her—she decided to dive headfirst into the veterinary world, and hasn’t looked back since!

After her college years, Heather took a position at a local animal hospital to get her foot in the door of the animal-care world. It wasn’t long before she was hooked! Heather helped pets and animal owners at two different pet hospitals for a total of six years, meeting Dr. Panuska at one of them, before joining his team here at Friendship Animal Hospital in September of 2016 as a veterinary receptionist.

Here at the hospital, Heather enjoys building one-on-one relationships with the area’s animal owners, and she never tires of swapping fun pet stories. She’s also fond of placing follow-up calls to check on recovering patients after their time at the clinic is over.

In her spare time, Heather likes kayaking, boating, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and jet-skiing on the lake. She also enjoys hiking, crafting, cheering on her Carolina Panthers, and spending time with her dog. Heather lives in Indian Land, South Carolina with Triton, a comedic Boxer who loves going to local dog parks, visiting the lake, exploring the beach and mountains, and pretending he’s a lapdog even though he weighs more than 60 pounds.

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Maddy has been spending time around animals her entire life, from owning multiple dogs while growing up to riding horses every weekend and summer available. As soon as she was legally able to be employed, she started working with animals! Maddy has been caring for others’ pets ever since, and she simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Maddy was only 15 years old when she first started working with a grooming salon in her hometown of Fort Mill. She served as a dog bather for two years, and continued with the company for the next three years before being offered a position as Head Receptionist. In July of 2017, she joined the Friendship Animal Hospital family and has been tending to the pets and animal parents of the Pineville area ever since.

Away from the hospital, Maddy can be found crafting, repurposing old furniture, thrifting, baking to satisfy her sweet tooth, and spending time with her dogs. She has an elderly Miniature Pinscher mix who is usually found sunbathing on the back patio, as well as a pair of rambunctious Black Labrador/Beagle puppies named Chloe and Piper.

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