Pet Vaccinations

You’d do anything to protect the health and well-being of your beloved pet. But the most important action you can take is a simple one — get your pet vaccinations for their health.

We encourage you to visit Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville for a wellness exam for your dog, cat or another furry friend. Your veterinarian will provide comprehensive care, including a full course of vaccinations.

Here’s why that’s so important.

Good Preventive Medicine

Nothing can prolong the life and good health of your pet like a full course of vaccinations. Vaccines protect against most known bacterial and viral infections that can cause pain and discomfort and often lead to the premature death of your pet.

Vaccines are the responsible thing to do — and some are mandatory in many parts of the country.

How Vaccines Save Lives

Vaccines stimulate the immune systems, making it work up resistance against serious but common diseases and disorders ranging from rabies and distemper to hepatitis and kennel cough. Many of these conditions would prove fatal to your animal if left unprotected.

That’s why vaccinations are literally a life-saving move.

Pet Vaccinations in Pineville, NC

A Vaccination Primer

The core elements of a full schedule of dog and cat vaccinations are described below. In addition to these, your Friendship Animal Hospital veterinarian might recommend additional non-core vaccinations.

Dog Vaccines

Rabies — Even the name of the disease can send chills down the spine. Rabies has no cure and it’s always fatal to your pet. In addition, an animal with rabies is now a threat to other people and animals. The good news is that vaccinated pets stay safe. They won’t contract rabies if bitten by an infected animal.

Distemper — This contagious virus is easily contracted through the air, as when coughed or sneezed on by an infected animal. It can cause serious damage, resulting even in permanent brain damage.

Parvovirus — The first sign that your pet caught this highly contagious viral infection is likely to be severe vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Left untreated, parvovirus is usually fatal.

Adenovirus Type 1 — This easily avoided form of canine hepatitis can cause severe liver damage and almost always result in the death of your unvaccinated dog.

Adenovirus Type 2 — This disease is nicknamed kennel cough because it’s usually the result of close contact with infected animals. Your pet will experience a lot of discomforts, but the illness isn’t usually fatal.

Cat Vaccines

Rabies and feline distemper — Cats get these illnesses the same way dogs do and result in the same negative outcome if your pet isn’t vaccinated.

Feline herpesvirus — Also known as FVR, this contagious virus is a serious upper respiratory condition in cats.

Calicivirus — Your unvaccinated cat will definitely suffer in contracting this serious respiratory condition. It causes joint pain, mouth ulcers, and extreme weight loss.

Schedule Your Vaccinations Today

At Friendship Animal Hospital, we’re as serious about maintaining the wellness and well-being of your pets as you are. We’ll first examine your dog or cat and ask questions about its diet, lifestyle and medical history. Then we’ll offer the full course of necessary vaccines.

You and your pet can depend on exceptional veterinary care here. Schedule a wellness exam today. We’re located at 304 S. Polk Street in Pineville. Fill out a contact form here. Or call us at 704-889-7387.