Puppy and Kitten Care

Kittens and puppies are fun to play with and make great pets for all ages. At this stage of a pet's life, it is important to schedule appointments for routine wellness exams with our veterinarian at Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville, NC. We have put together some kitten and puppy care tips to help you keep your pets healthy during these important months of their life.


The Importance of Veterinary Care

As soon as you acquire a puppy or kitten, schedule an appointment for veterinary care. Your new pet must be examined as soon as possible so any medical difficulties can be handled quickly. Early detection helps your pet to prevent medical issues from developing into something worse. Our veterinarian will check your pet's vital signs, take its weight, and perform a complete physical. If any problems are found, treatment options will be discussed and we can answer any questions at that time. Our veterinarian will also make recommendations regarding a proper diet for your pet as well as preventative measures to keep your pet healthy. These measures include immunizations, microchipping, and parasite medication.

Gather Items for Comfort

A puppy requires a leash and collar so you can teach it to go outdoors without running away. When it gets used to its surroundings, a fence is needed if you intend on allowing your pet outdoors for exercise on your property. If you have a kitten, you need to purchase a litter pan and litter to use for elimination. Place this in an area in your home where your kitten has privacy and change the litter frequently. Puppies and kittens need plenty of attention, so be sure to pick up some pet toys to keep them active. Spend time with your pets often, it will be the highlight of their day and perhaps yours as well.

Keep on Top of Grooming

Grooming your puppy or kitten gives you the opportunity to check over its body for potential medical problems. You also have the benefit of spending quality time with your pet during this stage of its life. Comb or brush your pet often so the fur does not become matted. If your pet appears dirty, bath it in warm water and use a hairdryer to remove moisture from the fur afterward. Keep on top of nail or claw clipping and take the time to brush your pet's teeth frequently to help remove tartar.

More Pet Tips at Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville, NC

If your kitten or puppy is ready for a wellness exam, contact Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville to schedule an appointment for veterinary care. Our veterinarian provides wellness exams, preventative care, and emergency services to pets in the area. If you would like more puppy or kitten tips or would like to schedule a visit, call us today at (704) 889-7387 (PETS).

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