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Throughout their lives, pets may require a variety of veterinary services to keep them healthy. In the early years, good vet care can help them to avoid illness and grow strong. During adulthood, vet care treats minor problems and ensures a longer life. In the senior years, your vet may be needed to manage ongoing health problems to provide good quality of life for your pet. At Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville, NC, we can provide a wide range of services to keep pets healthy at every age.

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Wellness Exams

Wellness care includes regular physical exams to make sure your pet is healthy and to treat small issues before they become larger problems. Wellness also includes preventative care, such as vaccinations, flea & tick control treatment, heartworm medication and testing for internal parasites that can weaken your pet.

Wellness Plans

We created comprehensive wellness plans to help spread out the cost of preventative healthcare with monthly payments.

Medical Services

When your pet experiences a common illness, such as eye or ear infection, respiratory infection, skin rash, injured paw, limping, vomiting, diarrhea, or a minor wound, we can provide fast, appropriate care.

Surgical Services

Some veterinary conditions require surgery, such as spay & neuter services, serious wounds, eye injuries, cruciate ligament tears, and other problems. We strive to provide good care, before, during, and after surgery, to help your pet make a full recovery.

In-House Diagnostics and Testing

We can also provide in-house testing and diagnostics to determine the source of health problems, so appropriate treatment can be administered quickly.

Dental Care

Dental care is important for pets, as it is for humans. We offer teeth cleaning, extractions, and gum treatment, to help pets feed properly and to prevent disease.

Boarding for Your Pet

When you go on vacation, we can provide boarding to ensure your pet’s safety and health while you’re away.

Emergency Care & Referral

We can also provide emergency services during office hours. When pets need help after regular office hours, we can refer you to veterinary emergency clinics in the area.

Make Friendship Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Pineville

Dr. Rich Panuska and the team at Friendship Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care for all their patients in Pineville, NC, and surrounding areas. Our goal is to ensure the health of pets from puppy and kittenhood to the senior years. Call Friendship Animal Hospital today at 704-889-7387 (PETS) for an appointment to have your pet checked and to learn about the many services we provide.


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