Spay and Neuter Services in Pineville, NC

Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville is dedicated to compassionate care for your animal companions, which is why we offer spay and neuter surgeries as routine procedures. Spay and neuter procedures offer specific benefits for your pet(s), and to the broader animal community in Pineville. These are safe and effective procedures for preventing unwanted pet pregnancies in the community.

Why Spay and Neuter Procedures May Be Right for Your Pet

Spay and neuter procedures for kittens are typically recommended at around eight weeks of age. For dogs, the recommended age range is six to nine months. This might vary based on an individual pet, following a checkup with your veterinarian at Friendship Animal Hospital.

Here are some of the specific benefits that pets gain after a spay or neuter procedure:

Benefits of Neutering Male Pets

  • Reduced chances of testicular cancer or prostate problems
  • Less likely to display aggressive masculine behavior
  • Reduced instances of territorial marking through urination
  • Males become less likely to roam away from home or yard

Benefits of Spaying Female Pets

  • Reduced chances of reproductive cancers or breast cancers
  • No heat cycle or menstrual cycle
  • No anxiety behaviors (howling) due to absence of menstrual cycle

Spay and Neuter Services in Pineville, NC

Spay and neuter procedures for dogs and cats are much more cost-effective — and safer — than they used to be, thanks to technological advances in veterinary medicine. Although there are minimal risks associated with the procedures, most pets go home the same day without any complications.

After Spay and Neuter Procedures: Caring for Your Pet

Our office at Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville will make you aware of all the pre-surgery and post-surgery precautions you will need to take to insure your pet’s health. The most common recommendation will be to prevent your pet from eating a few hours before the operation.

We recommend the following for when you take your pet home:

  • Safe Place to Rest: A “den” or “cave” in your home where your pet can hide and recover is important.
  • Limit Playtime: Reduced activity levels are important for about two weeks after the operation. Take away anything your cat might normally climb on, to reduce the chances of them tearing open the incision.
  • Elizabethan Collar: During the healing process, an Elizabethan collar can prevent your dog or cat from licking or biting at the wound. This allows healing to progress faster.
  • No Pet Baths: Don’t allow your pet to get wet and don’t bathe them for about ten days after the operation. Give them a bath a day or two before the operation!
  • Daily Monitoring: Check the incision every day to make sure it’s healing. Warning signs of complications include swelling or redness/infection.

Pineville, NC Spay and Neuter Surgery

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