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What to Know About the Spay Process Provided by Friendship Animal Hospital in Pineville, NC

The population of cats and dogs is too great. Many animals end up without a home and live on the streets. In some cases, these helpless animals end up in shelters that can't accommodate all of them adequately. At Friendship Animal Hospital, serving Pineville, NC, and the surrounding area, we encourage families to get their female pets spayed to prevent overpopulation.

What to Know About the Spay Process Provided by a Pineville, NC

About the Spaying Process

The spaying process consists of removing a female dog or cat's reproductive system. Our veterinarian may perform the procedure in one of two manners. For example, our veterinarian may remove the ovaries only. On the other hand, our vet can remove both the uterus and ovaries. We'll discuss with you which option is best for the needs of your pet. Both methods are safe and have the same level of effectiveness.

Generally, the process only takes twenty to ninety minutes, based on the size and age of your pet. To conduct the procedure, we make an incision on your pet's abdomen underneath her belly button. Through the incision, we remove the reproductive parts. Our vet then stitches the area using dissolvable stitches. We may also use skin glue to close the region.

The care after surgery is minimal. For instance, it's important to keep your furry friend as calm as possible, so she doesn't rip the incision. We'll advise you on other ways to care for your feline or canine after surgery as well, such as monitoring it for infection.

 When to Get Your Pet Spayed

We can perform a spay on dogs as young as four months, as long as they are healthy. On average, most cats and dogs go into heat around six months, so you may want to take this into consideration. It's possible to spay when your pet is in heat, so you don't have to delay the process just because your pet is currently in heat.

 Benefits of Spaying

The spaying process serves the purpose of preventing unwanted litters, but it also has its share of benefits to you as a pet owner. Once you have the procedure at our veterinary clinic, your pet will no longer go into heat. If your pet is urinating more frequently, especially around the house, or yowling during heat cycles, spaying your pet can help. It's possible your pet will live a longer, healthier life because it prevents reproductive cancers and infections.  

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