What To Expect

At Friendship Animal Hospital, our goal is to provide quality and compassionate care for your pets. If you have any records for your pet from another hospital, including medications they take, we ask that you bring them with you at your next visit. If your pet has special needs for their safety or comfort, please let our staff know at the time the appointment is made. We will make every effort to accommodate them.

A typical appointment:
After you are checked in for your scheduled appointment time, one of our staff members will discuss the nature of your visit, check your pet’s weight and escort you and your pet into an exam room. The veterinarian will then perform a nose to tail exam on your pet. This is a great time to bring up any questions or concerns you may have. This includes any changes in behavior or any problems your pet may be having at home.

The doctor will discuss the results of your pet’s exam any make recommendations for the next step. This may include vaccines, screening tests, medications or other options that are best suited to your pet.

Once you and the doctor agree on the best next step for your pet, our technical staff may help the doctor in with any medications or treatments necessary. Many screening tests can be completed in the hospital and the results discussed with you during your appointment. Any prescribed medications will be explained. A member of the staff will explain your charges, process your payment, help schedule recommended follow up visits and assist you and your family to the car if needed.

If you need any medication refills, prescription diets or other pet needs, please let a staff member know.

We make every effort to see appointments at the scheduled time, but emergencies do occur and may be seen on a walk-in basis. We ask your understanding if there are unexpected delays.