Puppy Wellness

Congratulations if you already have a new puppy! If you are researching bringing a new pup into the household, welcome! The introduction of a young new addition to your home can be made smoother with a little preparation. Puppies need more opportunities to relieve themselves than older dogs. They will need to be able to go out during the work day so it may necessary to enlist help or a dog walker to let them out.

Puppy’s first veterinary visit:
We advise bringing in your new addition for a visit as soon as possible. Getting your puppy started out right in life includes a visit with their doctor for a nose to tail physical exam. The veterinarian will discuss any findings with you and cover such important topics as deworming, vaccinations, training, and socialization.

Many products that are marketed as essential for your new friend are not required to have a happy and healthy puppy. They do need appropriate puppy food (our staff can help, there are so many choices out there!) available several times a day and fresh water. We do not recommend plastic bowls as they can be difficult to thoroughly clean and easily chewed. A leash and collar can make for safer trips outside with an ID tag. A kennel with bedding can make a safe den and play pen for when pup needs to be alone. If a kennel is purchased for the puppy’s adult size, it is best to block off a portion to make it puppy sized- too large a kennel can complicate house training. Enzymatic carpet cleaner and cleaning rags or paper towels are highly recommended. Toys are the last item and will be covered momentarily.

New puppies have some special requirements. They like to inspect their world with their mouths and this can get them into trouble. Before letting your pup loose on the floor, take a look around for potential hazards. Possibilities include any small items that may be swallowed such as coins or toys with small parts, cleaning products, and houseplants. It may be necessary to get down on the pup’s level and look around. Confining them to one area of the home can help limit danger. Baby gates can be useful for this purpose. It is recommended not to leave their collar on when unattended in case they get it hung up on something. Reclining chairs have their own special concern that puppy doesn’t get caught under them when closing.

Small breed puppies have an additional concern called hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Some causes of this life threatening condition include when toy breed puppies have periods of high excitement or activity or not eating regularly. While we advise all puppies to eat several times a day, our smaller breeds need additional caution. Some symptoms include shaking, lethargy, lack of coordination, weakness, seizures and coma. This is a life threatening condition that requires immediate intervention.

Puppies like to chew and play! Safe toys give them an outlet for their energy. Kong’s are some of our favorite toys for chewing. These beehive shaped hollow toys can be made even more exciting by filling them with something yummy such as peanut butter, Kong stuffing paste or canned dog food. Placing it in the freezer can make it last longer. Be aware that this can be messy! Keeping the fun confined to their kennel or on a cleanable hard floor can help keep cleanup easier. Soft stuffed toys can also be a source of fun. Supervise play time and dispose of any toys that show signs of damage.

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